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Al Andalus Ballroom, 18 March 2015, 9:00 – 15:00 hrs

Al Baraka Ballroom, 16-18 March 2015, 9:00 – 17:00 hrs


  Chairman of Conference

Dr. Klaus Boecker

Advisor to Supreme Council
of Health, Qatar.
  Keynote Speaker

Dr. Ahmad Al Saleh


Kuwait's Health Insurance Project is preparing to establish a mandatory health insurance system for Expatriates living in the country with a strong and comprehensive provider network. Simultaneously the Government of Kuwait is working on introducing compulsory health insurance coverage for all Kuwaitis in the course of the next few years.

This International Conference will bring together health system funding experts from around the globe to discuss current approaches to expanding and strengthening public and private health insurance systems. Key topics will include

  • providing a maximum of access to a covered population while preventing funding system-induced over-utilisation
  • how to align funding mechanisms with the quality of care goals of health systems
  • creating an appropriate regulatory framework for Kuwait's health insurance system
  • the role of the private sector and incentivising rational investment into health care services (without reliable capacity or demand statistics)
  • preventing health insurance misuse, abuse and fraud especially during transitions from block funding to other payment mechanisms


Kuwait Health Assurance Company with a capital of 230 million Kuwaiti Dinars is one of the mega project under development in Kuwait, establishing 3 hospitals and 16 Primary Medical Centers for treatment of 2 million expatriates residing in Kuwait under a government- sponsored medical insurance program. The hospitals will provide full medical services to Kuwait's expatriate community, and comes as part of the state's attempts to reduce pressure on currently overcrowded public medical facilities.


Attendee Profile:

  • Life and General Insurance & Reinsurance companies
  • Governments and Health Authorities
  • Healthcare Providers and Third Party Administrators
  • Hospitals Medical Centers/Clinics and Laboratories
  • Medical, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Claims Specialists
  • Technology Experts and Solutions Providers
  • Healthcare Infrastructure Developers
  • Investors and Banks
  • Legal and Consulting firms
  • Employers and HR Managers dealing with health and healthcare issues
  • Risk Managers, Suppliers and Service Providers in medical field


Program Outline for Health Insurance Conference


Welcome Address   Outline of the vision of Kuwait Health Assurance Co.
Plenary Session   1: Expected impact of mandatory health insurance in Kuwait on access and quality of care for Kuwaitis and for expats

2: Regulatory framework required to ensure fairness of health insurance systems, and enforcing the rules
Keynote Session 1   1: The argument for a robust, reliable healthcare funding system; Strategic goals and expectations

2: Sourcing the funding for healthcare systems
Keynote Session 2   1: The value of standardized health data

2: How health insurance systems provide reliable data for essential decision taking
Keynote Session 3   1: Payment-for-performance, payment-for-quality

2: Pros & cons of different payment mechanisms used in healthcare systems around the globe
Case Study (1)   International Health System experience
Case Study (2)   Practical experience from health insurance in Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Dubai




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