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Media Plan

The marketing and promotional plan planned for the event outlines several activities to promote the event and ensure maximum awareness and exposure to the event and event participants.


Event Website:

  • The event website contains most up-to-date information about the event, conference topics, delegate benefits, exhibitor directories, sponsor's logos with their web-links, complimentary benefits and other information related to the event.


Direct Advertising:

  • Event brochures and personal invitations mailed to the targeted sections.
  • Placement of posters and banners in all government hospitals, private hospitals and medical centers, and the Ministry of Health clinics
  • Regular advertisements in the print media.
  • Regular e-mail posts throughout the year promoting the conference and the exhibition.
  • Mass SMS reminder prior to the event
  • Over 65,000 flyers to remind about the event



  • Members of the Medical Society
  • Members of the Medical Sciences Center
  • Faculty members of Kuwait University
  • Heads of medical and administrative departments at the Ministry of Health
  • Physicians at the Military Hospital - Ministry of Defense, Kuwait Oil Company Hospital, National Guard-Medical Center, Ministry of Social Affairs-Rehabilitation Medical Center


Media Coverage:

  • TV (Morning Kuwait - Evening Kuwait - Baitak)
  • Radio (Morning prog. - Afternoon prog. - Evening prog.)


Media Partners:

  • Al-Rai newspaper
  • Al-Qabas newspaper