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About The Conference

Every year, millions of patients travel overseas in search of the best quality and the most affordable medical treatments. According to recent reports on Medical Tourism, Kuwaiti people spend over one billion per year overseas for medical care. Thousands of Kuwaiti nationals leave the Middle East each year for high quality healthcare.

In fact, this is the era of medical tourism. And, growing numbers of health insurance companies, international hospitals, medical tourism facilitators, medical tourism companies, international travel agencies, and health insurance agents among others are looking at Medical Tourism as the reliable solution to the healthcare crisis.

The event will see the participation of some of the leading names in the medical tourism and healthcare industry. The conference will comprise workshops conducted by the renowned international, regional and local speakers. The workshops will cover the topics that range from medical tourism, current medical research initiatives, latest innovations in health sector, future business opportunities in healthcare, insurance, and healthcare quality to the globalization in healthcare.

More than 200 delegates, over 100 exhibitors, thousands of potential consumers, and industry leaders from over 20 countries will take part in this year's event.

Kuwait Medical Tourism Conference will offer multiple networking opportunities, facilitate new business relationships and work contracts. The participants will have the rare opportunity to interact, share, and meet the Kuwaiti government officials and policy makers, presidents, CEOs, and directors of the private sector organizations sponsoring medical treatments abroad.


Event Highlights

This year's Kuwait Medical Tourism Conference will see:

  • More than 200 delegates and over 100 exhibitors
  • Hundreds of international hospitals, insurance companies, and leading medical tourism organizations
  • Industry leaders from over 20 countries all over the world
  • Thousands of potential consumers
  • Thousands of one-on-one networking sessions
  • Intense workshop sessions that cover the topics that range from medical tourism to current medical research initiatives and globalization in healthcare
  • Special as well as private pre-arranged networking sessions
  • An opportunity to learn about Kuwaiti consumers, their cultures, customs, and expectations
  • Chance to network with the industry players, experts, government officials, and policy makers


Who is going to take part in the Kuwait Medical Tourism Congress?

The event will see participants from around the world that include:

  • International hospitals
  • Health insurance companies, administrators, and agents
  • Medical tourism companies and facilitators
  • International hotel chains
  • Airlines
  • Financial organizations
  • Government officials
  • International travel agencies
  • International healthcare and medical tourism consulting firms


Why Kuwait Medical Tourism Congress?

Kuwait is known as a leading healthcare outsourcing country. It is estimated that thousands of patients leave each year spending billions of US dollars in top hospitals around the world. This congress will provide an opportunity to attract the outbound medical tourists from Kuwait.

Kuwait Medical Tourism Conference will select a panel of distinguished advisory board members that will address some of the most important medical tourism issues including the international health & the law-how to deal with international medical care, jurisdiction, complications, insurance coverage, and several other legal issues.

Want to network with the global players in the medical industry including the top international hospitals, medical tourism facilitators, international insurance companies, and government officials? This is only medical tourism and global healthcare conference of its kind in the Middle East. The conference will offer a splendid opportunity to interact with the some of the leaders in the medical tourism industry.